Enhance your facial with the top machine facial technologies including hydra dermabrasion, oxygen injection, photontherapy, ultrasound and radio frequency.

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Full Body Massage Capsule

Don't have enough time, dont like oil or don't like to be touched? we have a solution for you!

Full body Massage 20 Min R 200

Full Body & Head Massage  30 min R280

Digital Skin Analysis

Reliable and effective skin analysis to accurately identify your skin’s concerns and needs

 15 min R 100


30-60 min R 450

Ganban’yoku Stone Spa

Our unique Ganban'yoku makes use of the most advanced technologies with the best natural elements to achieve body detox, slimming, skin nourishment and metabolism boosting. 

Oxygen Therapy Machine Facial 

Full Electrical Facial (includes all functions)

Optiphi Luxury Indulgent Facial 90 min R 1200

Lamelle Medical Grade Facial 60 min R 980

Individual add-ons:

Hydra-dermabrasion / Scrubber R 200

(Deep Cleanse & Extractions)

RF / Ultrasound R 200

(Firming & Lifting)

Cold Hammer & Water Injection R 100

(Calming & Soothing)

Photontherapy & Oxygen Injection R 100

(Treatment lights targeted at various skin concerns with pure Oxygen being fed to the skin)