Signature Taster 2 Hours R 1400

Start off by having a full body massage with our massage capsule and relax your muscles while detoxing with the Ganban'yoku Stone Spa, end off with a Lamelle facial with the oxygen therapy facial machine.

Exchange for an Optiphi indulgent facial at just R100 extra.

Complete Makeover 4.5 Hours R 1850

Relax your body with a Swedish massage, followed by nourishing your body with Optiphi body treatment and leaving your skin glowing with an Optiphi facial.  Finish off with a classic manicure and pedicure.

Luxury Only 2.5 Hours R 720

Treat your hands and feet to a luxury foot spa with a pedicure and a luxury manicure.

Ugrade to Medi-Hand and Medi-Heel treatments at only R120 extra.

Rush Hours 1.5 Hours R 800

Time is gold, our full body massage capsule does the trick! Followed by an express Lamelle facial and choose between express mani or pedi.

Beautifully Pregnant 2 Hours R 900

Spoil yourself with a relaxing pregnancy massage and Boogie Legs treatment followed by a head massage.  End off by choosing between mani or pedi.

His Time Out 3 Hours R 1100

Untie your knots with a deep tissue massage, followed by a deep cleanse facial and Medi-heel foot treatment.

Couples Hide-Away 2 Hours R 1650

Spend some quality time with your partner while receiving a Swedish massage and Lamelle facial for 2!

Besties 3 Hours R 2350

Time with your best friends is never enough, why not get spoilt together! Swedish massage, Lamelle facial, mani and pedi for 2!

Package Optimization & Customization

Choose 3 or more regular priced treatments and receive 10% off.  

Add or exchange any of the treatments from the packages at 10% off.

Students & Pensioners 10%
Groups of 4 or more 10%


Private / corporate functions contact for package pricing